Upsell Add-on for LearnPress

Increase revenue by offering premium packages, bonus coupons, and exclusive features to elevate the learning experience for your students.

( $34/year )

Price: $29

License: 1 site license + 12 months support and update.

Price: $29

( $34/year )

Are you an online course creator using LearnPress to deliver valuable content to your students? We’re thrilled to present the Upsell Add-On, a powerful tool designed to enhance your course offerings and increase revenue by leveraging the art of upselling.

Ready to take your LearnPress courses to new heights? Get started with the Upsell Add-On today and witness the transformative power of upselling in your online education journey!

Here’s how the Upsell Add-On works:

  1. Effortless Integration: The Upsell Add-On seamlessly integrates with your LearnPress platform, allowing you to set up upsells within minutes. No complex coding or technical expertise required!
  2. Streamlined User Experience: The Upsell Add-On provides a seamless user experience, ensuring that your students can easily access and enroll in the upsell offers within your LearnPress courses. No disruptions or complex navigation—just a smooth learning journey.
  3. Customized Package Offers: Tailor your package offers to suit the specific needs and preferences of your students. Offer them valuable add-ons that complement their learning experience and help them achieve their goals more effectively. Create value-packed packages that empower your students to acquire a broader knowledge base, develop new skills, and achieve their educational goals efficiently.
  4. Effortless Coupon Creation: Creating enticing coupon codes is a breeze with the coupon function. Customize your coupons with ease, choosing from various options such as percentage-based discounts, fixed amount reductions, or even free course access. Tailor your offers to match your marketing strategies and goals.
  5. Easy Redemption Process: The Coupons Add-On seamlessly integrates with LearnPress, providing a hassle-free redemption process for your students. They can easily apply their coupon codes during the enrollment process, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience that encourages them to take advantage of the discounts you’re offering.


3. Compatible with Gutenberg.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your online courses and increase your revenue potential. The Upsell Add-On for LearnPress is your gateway to unlocking a world of possibilities for your e-learning business.

Change Logs

= 4.0.1 (2023-07-03) =
~ Added: feature Coupon.

= 4.0.0 (2023-04-19) =
~ Feature: buy package has included courses.