5 Effective Ways To Boost Your Social Media Shares

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Do you know anyone who doesn’t use any form of social media? Exactly. That’s why you should understand how you can use such platforms to spread the word about your website, blog or brand.

People underestimate the power of social media often, assuming people would just use them to post a photo of their favourite meal. It has turned into a digital marketplace, offering millions of businesses opportunities to get their products and services in front of a much wider audience with the right techniques.

Facebook remains the #1 platform in 2020 according to statistics from Statista, with nearly 3 billion active users in a month, closely followed by YouTube.

You can see the huge potential here and that’s why Facebook and YouTube are frequently visited, providing accessibility to a huge variety of content from all around the world.

Social media posts containing provoking thoughts that are either innovative, encouraging, annoying or perhaps irritating tend to get more shares and reach more people. They spread fast due to their shock value. A good number of shares indicates that many people have engaged with and reacted toa post, while less or no shares indicate the content is not relevant for your target audience.

Relevance of Likes and Shares in Digital Marketing

For those who want to gain more traffic or new customers to increase their revenue the engagement on social media networks matters hugely. Nowadays, many reputed app development companies are opting for social media advertising over branding by celebrities or a combination of both through social media influencers.

Almost all registered companies have an online presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to promote their brands. This way they can build a following and monitor and target their fans much better, which in return helps companies to create much more targeted marketing campaigns. You can read more about current digital marketing trends, SEO and how to use those skills for digital entrepreneurship on the SeekaHost University Blog, where our team of marketing experts share their expertise and top tips.

Tracking Social Shares and Engagement

To measure the success of any post or campaign on social media, Facebook and co. offer analytics tools to help campaigners measure and track their posts’ and ads’ shares and views. This is exercised by around 40% of social marketers. It is important to understand that the full proof of a campaign’s success is not just the number of likes and shares, considering that if a celebrity is posting, their fans will like and share it without bothering about the content. You have to track your campaign by analysing whether you have gained new followers or you have attracted people in a new market. It obviously depends on the goal of your campaigns so make sure you set them first so that you can evaluate the performance of your posts.

5 Effective Ways to Boost Social Media Shares

Social media algorithms are fickle and there is no secret recipe for success as every business is unique and different, and no campaign can be the same. One must create useful social media content for their particular audience, encouraging them to engage with it and share it for maximum exposure.

1. Create the most shareable contents

It is not a secret that people on social media mostly engage with visual content. Images (68%) and videos (50%) are at the top spot, because social media users tend to scroll and look for easily digestible content. Short video clips laced with catchy texts will do good rounds on social media platforms if they are relevant to their audience.

Infographics and visual presentations are also trending fast as they provide statistics at a glance. And ‘did-you-know’ stories or “how-to” guides can surely capture attention for your brand. Once you have identified your target audience and their questions or concerns, you can tailor your posts and content for a better outcome of your campaign.

2. Decorate Captions to Draw More Attention

People usually won’t click links unless it excites them or makes them curious. You can adopt a strategy of attention seeking so that your visitors or followers will go through a link and share the post. Here are some tips:

Apply a Hashtag strategy on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. According to recent studies posts with hashtags are more often visited than those without them, because a # categorizes posts. This makes it easier for algorithms on social media platforms to connect people with relevant content for them.

Use call-to-action instructions in your copy like ‘retweet’ or ‘share this’.

Remember character limits on each network and only include relevant and searchable terms in your copy that trigger engagement, e.g., “if you agree then share”.

3. Post at the Right Time

There are times in a day where you are bound to attract more readers to your post when there is heavy traffic on that particular platform. Since the probability of sharing a post is always less than that of viewing, you will have a chance that more people may share it at a specific time of day. Identify the most active period of your followers or visitors by using analytics tools or tracking tools and you should consider audiences in different time zones. Some social media management tools recommend the best times for posts to be shared on each platform, if you’re automating this.

4. Increase Engagement through Questioning

Getting people to vote via an online poll on social media has two benefits:

– You are gaining insights and information about what your audience cares about.
– You are getting them to engage with your post and they may share it with others they also want to know their answers from.

Social media platforms are great for exchanging opinions and views and you can utilize the information from your polls for the following posts, blog posts or even article pitches to the press. Through a series of question-based polls, you can build a strong network of followers and gain more shares. And you can use this data for your own advantage to improve your content.

5. Add Social Share Buttons in your Posts

Liking or sharing a post should be comfortable and easy with just one click and including social share buttons in your posts or embedded tweets does just that. You can see how I as a blogger do this very strategically at the top of every article rather than the bottom by having a look at the top London Business News Blog. Some articles have been viewed thousands of times and I can track what percentage of this derives from social media shares. I can tell you it has great potential. You can also add them to your email footer to convert your subscribers into your followers. Including the “Like, share, and subscribe” is a crucial and widely adopted method, especially on YouTube videos and blogs.

Social Media Marketing is Key To Boost Your Brand

As a digital marketer you should certainly make the most of the marketing opportunities social media channels offer. Test these recommended methods and see if they bring you results. Alternate the methods to figure out what works best for your audience while promoting a brand. Define a content strategy for your business that results in consistent shares from the audience you target via the two most popular platforms Facebook and YouTube as they provide you with the largest exposure.