How to Optimize WordPress for Lead Generation

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Generating quality leads for a web business depends upon multiple factors. Being a WordPress user, you should always look for the innovative ways to improve the conversions of your site. Besides creating a professional-looking website, ensure that you give potential web visitors an enough reason to stay longer. This will drastically boost the readability and usability of your website.

Encourage your web visitors to convert into subscribers and customers by giving them rich user experience. However, it is an ideal CMS platform for creating a fully-fledged website. But, still, you need to invest both your time and effort for generating better results in terms of higher sales. Whether you are a business owner, getting into an effective lead generation process is vital for your business.

With that core concept in mind, we bring you the blog post to share best optimization tips. The following tricks will help you achieve your targeted goals quite easily.

How to get started with lead generation in WordPress?

Before you begin anything, make sure you sign up with a reliable email marketing service provider, such as Aweber.  They can help businesses to grow their email lists by creating beautiful and stimulating newsletters. They manage and customize your email templates to let you drive more people for your web business.

Plus, you can also integrate some robust plugins that will help your build your subscriber’s list with ease.

WordPress Optimization Tips for generating higher leads

1. Revamp your lead generation process

The richer the user experience, the higher the leads you will generate for your site. For that, you need to concentrate on modifying the design, contact forms, opt-in forms and other aspects of your website. Understand what your potential web visitors expect from your site. And focus on giving them soothing user experience whenever he/she visits your website.

Once a visitor lands on your site, you can begin exploring their conversion path, like when he/she lands on your site and when he/she sign up an opt-in or contact form. Here you need to ensure that you visitor ends up on a satisfactory note. This is where you need to customize the entire conversion path for best possible outcomes.

Well, there are three major components that you need to consider:

(a) The call-to-action

A call-to-action is a process that encourages web visitors to take an immediate action. It cab be anything, such as clicking on an opt-in button or navigating through web pages. Since it is an essential part of your site, ensure that you use contrasting color combinations. You can also create eye-catching images to encourage people to scroll or navigate through your web pages.

(b) Create enticing landing pages

Improve the overall look and feel of your site’s landing pages to drive more web audience towards your site. Add relevant content on your landing pages to make it more compelling for your web visitors.

(c) Flaunt thank-you pages beautifully

Thank-you pages hold a significant place when it comes to evoking the emotional factor of web customers. When visitors fill out a form on a landing page, ensure that you redirect them to the thank-you page. This is a great strategy to build their trust.

2. Build lead generation forms

Create user-friendly contact forms if you want to maximize your online sales. WordPress offers some of the best plugins to help you create beautiful lead generation forms, without coding.

You can use Contact Forms by WPForms plugin to create an enticing and responsive contact forms, payment forms, request a quote forms, subscription forms, inquiry forms and any other type of forms in a matter of few minutes. These forms can help you encourage your visitors to become a regular customer or a subscriber on your site.

3. Embed comment redirect to generate leads

A commenting section can play a vital role in building a robust user engagement for your web business. You can give entice visitors to  spend more time by adding comment redirect functionality to your comments.

When visitors submit a comment on your site, they, by default, directed to the same page again. They didn’t see anything new except the preview of their own comment. This is a particular phase where you can make tweaks to grab their attention for higher ROI.

You can also redirect them either to a thank you page or any other web page after they submit a comment.

4. Use OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology

According to a report, around 70 percent of users who abandon your site will never return. So, if you want to improve your customer retention rate, then make sure you give them rich user experience.

This is where OptinMonster tool comes into play. The tool offers an exit-intent technology that tracks down the behavior of visitors using their mouse movement and display them a pop-up when they are about to leave your site. This could stop them and encourage them to be part of your customer’s list.

An exit-intent popup can help you give your visitors the last opportunity before abandoning your site. Through this, you will be able to convert 2 to 4 percent of users into email subscribers with ease.

5. Create Lead Magnets for your site

The ultimate use of the lead magnet is to generate maximum leads. Under this technique, you can grab your visitors attention by offering them special deals and offers. These are special offers such as a discount coupon, downloading an ebook or any helpful source that can be utilized to prompt visitors to perform an action for better engagement.

Luckily, OptinMonster comes with an in-built support to let you use lead magnets. This can improve your conversion rate as well as your average sales in a breeze.


It is always good to nurture your WordPress site to keep generating quality leads for your business. Once a visitor lands on your site, make sure you prompt them to become a subscriber or potential customer on your site.