Top 6 Best Email Marketing Services for Medium & Small Businesses (Update 2021)

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Best Email Marketing Services

Are you starting a medium and small business? If yes, email marketing services are definitely the next step you have to do to reach as many people as possible quickly.

In this article, we named the best email marketing services that have been developed with free trials. So, you could able to try it right away.

Benefits of email marketing:

The estimated rent for e-mail marketing is 3.800 percent, so every dollar spent on e-mail marketing produces an average return of $38. In addition to the financial factor, e-mail marketing has several other positive aspects such as:

Extensive approach

Visitors to the website come and go, but many never return after they visited. In the future, you can hit it again by collecting your guests’ email information. With an email list, you send an entire list of valuable content they could miss. If some people decide to revert back to their website on the basis of their knowledge, you could also get more traffic.

Increase sale revenue

Email transfers to both organic and social media have been observed. Statistics indicate that the overall commitment rate in social media is just 0.58% versus the CTR rate in emails is 3.71%. Sales will increase either online or in-store as a result of what the user reads in the email, for example receiving special offers or exclusive prices.

Refine your activity

Since email marketing is based on statistics, this data can be collected and analyzed. That information can then be used to further enhance your email campaigns to increase efficiency. For example, find out about your user base’s interests, dislikes, and interests and send them relevant material.

The email marketing platform best current proposal

Today, there are a huge variety of literal email marketing systems out there and you won’t be stoned. Much like a business hosting site, it can be a challenge to choose the right e-mail marketing platform and to evaluate and choose the six best e-mail marketing services.

Constant Contact

constant contact email marketing services

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Constant Contact is one of email marketing’s most renowned brands. It has expanded over time in the industry for over a decade and serves over 650,000 customers today. Building on their core competencies in email marketing they’ve done well on the feature front.

In addition to having an efficient and easy-to-use system, they add many invaluable features like event management, social campaign capabilities, and even user survey tools. For an all-in-one top-notch solution, here are the right options.

Support in live chat, e-mail, and a network with a wide community is also extensive. Best of all, for a one-month free trial, you can apply for their services. The price varies depending on how many contact emails you have during the trial period.

  • Price: Free trial then Starting at $ 20 / month
  • The best platform for: Small to major corporations and niche businesses namely event management



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GetResponse has the feature to check all the right boxes for the email marketing system. You can upload a mailing list to their server and then generate your marketing messages to send to the list. Even automation is of interest and there is a comprehensive analyzer for your data collection needs.

They currently have around 350,000 subscribers in 183 countries around the world and sell themselves as one of the easiest services to use on the market. Quite high availability, thanks to the position of almost everyone from everywhere in 27 languages. If you encounter problems, they have live chat, call, and email to help you.

They have different plans by the number of emails in your folder, but for all plans all the core advantages of the GetResponse method are available. This includes free models, e-mails, and e-mail segments to make marketing effective.

  • Price: 30-day free trial, followed by $15/month for 1,000 subscribers
  • The best platform for: Big and small companies



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MailChimp is one of the first email marketing services to be used by small and medium-sized businesses. Today, most experienced email marketers have been slightly unapproached but still are extremely popular with website owners and small businesses. 

One of the key factors is that MailChimp has a free plan, as some builders follow the concept. This alone makes it very appealing for low-budget businesses that nonetheless want to benefit from the power of email commercialization.

Given its free plan, MailChimp does not say much about its functionality and has robust reporting capability along with a good visual template editor. There are also loads of integration possibilities for MailChimp, and it offers a good all-in-one solution.

  • Price: FREE
  • The best platforms for: Blogs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses



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Established as an industry leader by Tom Kulzer in 1998, AWeber is now serving approximately 100,000 clients. It acts as an e-mail marketing system in key functions and is well integrated with some other applications.

It’s still a stable solution, especially if you have basic needs and don’t want to be overwhelmed by clutter rather than ‘we have everything!’ the system must provide. You can import a variety of file formats into their database and track your marketing campaigns as it progresses, which is very helpful.

AWeber is also distinguished by its extensive collection of email templates, which is perfect when you’re new. It also has very comprehensive customer support, which has won awards over the past three years in the American National Customer Association’s Stevie Awards.

  • Price: 30-day free trial, then $19/month
  • The best platforms for: Blogs, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs



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Like MailChimp, SendinBlue also offers a free subscription but that is limited in what you can send. The free deal only covers up to 300 emails per day, which to me feels like a lengthy trial more than any actual free service. When you get past that with their subscriptions, the number of submissions will increase greatly.

It checks out most of the traditional email marketing system options but also has transactional messaging. This gives you additional capabilities like sending order confirmations, receipts and other similar emails with your brand. This is something to keep in mind as not all email marketing systems support it.

  • Price: FREE
  • The best platforms for: Blogs, Entrepreneurs, Small Business


sendPulse email marketing service

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The company launched as a start-up to deliver a slew of emails and soon gained a lot of popularity from marketers. Now the company is switching to an online advertising marketing site with a lot to sell.

The SendPulse team worked hard to stay on top of the digital marketing trend and has released a Facebook messaging chatbot. Chatbots like the first customer support line as well as request contact information to further nurture potential customers.

With regards to email marketing services, there are several other features available on the editor: the personalized subscription type, the transaction email, and statistical information about your email marketing campaigns.

  • Price: FREE
  • The best platforms for: Blogs, Small Businesses, Marketers

Again – almost every email marketing system has a free trial. We strongly recommend that you subscribe and try them out before buying. If you run a blog or website or something else, you can check out the list above. Hopefully it helps you.

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