Optimize Database in LearnPress version

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Optimize Database LearnPress

In version of our plugin LearnPress, we have added a new function: “Optimize Database” function in LearnPress => Tools => Database.

As its name, this function helps you to optimize database and improve the speed of some queries on your website such as load courses/orders in backend, load course in frontend.

You only can see the difference when you have many data (courses) on your website.

For example, you have more than 1000 courses and you set to display 999 courses per page in backend. We use the Page Load Time extension to display the loading time on this example.

Before we optimize database, it takes 90s to load all courses when you access the course section in backend.

After we optimized database, it reduces to 25s to load all courses.

You should optimize the database to improve the experience on your website.