10 Best Dropshipping WordPress Themes For Dropshipping Business

dropshipping wordpress themes

Thanks to its benefits, dropshipping has become a most favorable business method by many sellers. There are more and more dropshipping website created everyday. Since all you need to start a dropshipping business is a good website for selling your items and a partnership with a good manufacturer, having a great dropshipping website has become a concern for many online dropshippers. How to have a beautiful website that is both fast enough and persuasive enough to convince your customers, are the most important factors when creating a dropshipping website and choosing dropshipping WordPress themes for your website.

Therefore, picking dropshipping WordPress themes for dropshipping businesses is not something you can just do mindlessly. Instead, this requires a deliberate consideration in many aspects. In this article, we will point out one of the factors that makes good dropshipping WordPress themes and also give a review of the 10 best WordPress theme for dropshipping.

How to pick the best Dropshipping WordPress themes

Whether you are selling shoes, handmade craft, or anything else, the ultimate goal of an ecommerce store, or a dropshipping website is still the conversion rate. The more persuasive your website is in convincing your customers to buy your products, the more profitable you can get. There are a range of factors we can consider in making an ecommerce store, from user interface, user experience to how the system works in the backend.

1. Dropshipping website is not all about the layout, it’s largely about how system works.

Unlike other store or ecommerce website, when operating a dropshipping website, sellers often import products from marketplaces and then run ads campaigns on Facebook or Google automatically. Therefore, having a system of importing products from AliExpress, BangGood, eBay or Amazon, etc. is one of the most needed features for a dropshipping seller. Just like Oberlo for Shopify, your WordPress themes must also integrate or work well with a dropshipping plugin which works similar to Oberlo so you can import products and sell easily.

how a dropshipping website works

Then, the ability to connect with Google Shopping and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads is also an essential. If you are just working with a pretty design without these features, chances are you will have to spend most of your time doing manual works, listing products, editing variations and you will not have the time to scale your business.

Saving time listing products, editing descriptions means you can spend more time in more important things such as doing product research, market research or finding a better suppliers.

2. Speed is essential

Speed is important for a dropshipping website

Researches have repeatedly confirmed that speed is of great essence to the success of a website. If your website takes a long time to load, it is very likely that your visitors will leave your website without buying any thing or placing any order. Having a WordPress theme that is light weight, fully loads content in just one or two seconds will be the most ideal for your website.

3.Easy to install and easy to use

We are all sellers, not developers. For this reason, the theme for our dropshipping website must be free of bug, easy to use and easy to install. Even its integrated plugins and add-ons must also be easy to use and customize. If anytime we want to add a section, edit an element, we have to ask a developer to assist, it would be ineffective because there are times we need to act and implement very quickly, especially when we are running a sale campaign or running ads on Facebook.

4. Optimized for Conversion

Here comes the most important part. No matter how beautiful the theme is, it must be optimized for conversion rate or otherwise, your business will be doomed. What makes a good conversion rate? The product page’s elements should be presented in a neatly logical way. The style, color and important areas like Buy Now button, pricing, variation selections must also be carefully considered.

5. Optimized for Mobile

mobile first - dropshipping WordPress Theme

Here comes a stats that we all know about dropshipping or POD stores, 90% of purchases are done via Mobile. This means that if you are only optimize your store’s design for desktop, chances are you are leaving a very potential gold nugget for your store. For this reason, most modern and effective ecommerce theme now employs the “Mobile First” motto. If your WordPress themes are not mobile first or at least mobile friendly, consider changing your theme.

6. Updates and Support

Finally, technology is one of the fields that is always changing. Today, your system might be running well, but it does not mean that it will run well tomorrow, due to technological changes from many sides: WordPress itself, platform policies, hosting infrastructure, PHP versions, etc. Even customer behaviors are changing everyday, so your theme must be frequently update to keep up with the changes and your theme’s technical support team must be available everyday so they can provide bug fix or technical support anytime you run into a mistake.

10 Most popular Dropshipping WordPress themes

Having mentioned all the above most-wanted features of a WordPress theme, we have to state that not all theme author have the same idea. Besides, since Dropshipping is just a new domain in ecommerce, not many teams have started building dropshipping WordPress themes. Even now, many sellers have to rely on general ecommerce themes that run on WooCommerce. Below are the 10 best WordPress themes for Dropshipping:

Galax Dropshipping WordPress themes

galax dropshipping wordpress theme

A quality product from one the most famous themes providers – ThimPress. Galax has everything you need in dropshipping WordPress Themes. Speed, responsiveness and beautiful design. You can feel the power from Galax with the integration of the best plugins on WordPress. That make you easier create your ideal website for your business. With more than 200 premade pages, Galax is on of the best dropshipping WordPress themes for anyone.

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Flatsome WooCommerce Theme

flatsome dropshipping wordpress theme

It is not surprise to say that Flatsome is the #1 WooCommerce WordPress theme for eCommerce. It has gained the popularity and support from many sellers due to its amazingly fast loading speed. Besides, its UX builder and backend is so simple that almost anyone can work with Flatsome at the first time they use it. Therefore, Fatsome has remained the most used ecommerce WordPress theme and also one of the best WordPress themes for dropshipping.

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Porto Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

porto dropshipping wordpress theme

Porto is a classic WooCommerce WordPress that aims to serve business and stores only. It contains dozens of elements and great features for a WooCommerce website that you can configure in anyway you want. To compete with Flatsome, Porto’s author also made it a surprisingly high performance and fast WordPress theme for businesses and WooCommerce shops.

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Storefront – The Official WooCommerce Theme

storefront wordpress theme

Unlike the other themes, Storefront is the WordPress theme that is made by Autimattic itself (the company behind WordPress and WooCommerce). It’s an intuitive and flexible free WordPress that integrates deeply with WooCommerce, which is something not all theme has. Even though it’s a free theme, it does offer paid extensions and premium bundles to extend your site’s functionality. If you have a WordPress developer in your team, you can easily ask him to convert Storefront into a great and flexible dropshipping theme which serves anything you wanted.

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eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce

shopkeeper wordpress theme

Shopkeeper is an ecommerce WordPress theme that focuses on the visibility and design of the product page with the mindset that if the product description is amazing, the conversion rate will be high. Shopkeeper was built to fasten the process of creating an ecommerce website. Therefore, the installation and setup process seems effortless. Customizing the theme is also a great experience.

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6. Avada

avada wordpress theme

Avada is a modern unique multipurpose WordPress theme. It is currently the best-selling WordPress theme and so many people have turned it into their dropshipping business’s website. Avada is not a theme specifically made for ecommerce and dropshipping, but it doesn’t make its name for no reason. Avada can be described as the “Swiss army knife” of WordPress theme. It is highly flexible, super fast and easy to customize.

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uncode wordpress theme

Uncode is a creative multi-purpose WordPress theme based on WPBakery Page Builder. It’s also a popular theme for ecommerce or creating online stores. It’s quite an innovative WordPress theme with 50 creative demos. If you are dropshipping any thing related to fashion, elegant products, Uncode might be your best ally.

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divi wordpress theme

Divi is a WordPress theme made by Elegant theme. It helps you build anything in a visual and intuitive way with its advanced page builder. It came with a number of great premium features that most themes don’t have. Therefore, its price is quite high also. However, because of its ability, it is also one of the most popular WordPress theme.

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davinci wordpress theme

Unlike it irrelevant name, Davinci is a WordPress Theme designed for profits and for creating dropshipping stores for Aliexpress. It’s made by the author team of the AliDropship plugin. Therefore, along with the integration with Aliexpress, it employed a number of upsell and cross-sell technique to increase the average order value. The theme is quite simple but functional.

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1astra wordpress theme

Last but not least, Astra is a great free multi-purpose WordPress theme used by thousands of people. It’s not a theme made specifically for eCommerce, but it’s a well-done theme that can be used due to its ease of use and amazing page speed. The theme is free but its owner also offer several premium plans which comes with more features. It may not be as good as the other options in terms of creating an ecommerce store, but it’s still a worth trying option when you want something fresh and innovative.

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How to use WordPress themes to create a success dropshipping website online

For each line of products, the audience insight may varies. Therefore, there is no one size fit all WordPress theme for all dropshipping niches. To figure out what works for you and for your products, the only thing you can do is to find out 2 or 3 of the most suitable theme for you and try them out. These themes are generally great themes with frequent update and a caring support team. After installing these dropshipping themes, you can follow this article to know how to optimize your page speed.

Just a reminder, without actions and great insights, even when you use a nice theme, success is not always guaranteed. You need to apply many different techniques and strategies for your online store, and equally important, you also need to know how to find the best niche for your dropshipping business.

Hopefully, this list of 10 most popular dropshipping WordPress themes will be of useful value for your dropshipping business.

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