9 Ways to Help Your WordPress Website Meet User’s Expectations

Ways to Help Your WordPress Website Meet User's Expectations

There is the possibility when the user makes some sort of unrealistic demand, however, most of the time, they require an easy WordPress website or plugin which gives them exactly what was promised.

There is no surprise if a user expects something from a website. And the irony is if those expectation does not meet, the user tends to get frustrated and angry sometimes. This lead them to click the dangerous red marked the cross on the top of the window/tab.

User-friendly WordPress website is more likely to earn revenue as it is easy to understand and do not tend to waste user’s time as it is simple. Still, there are many areas where the website doesn’t meet user’s expectation. Here are some of those factors or I should say user’s expectations with a website and what should be the course of action to tackle such situations.

1. Accurate Data

Accurate Data

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Here the term “Accurate” covers a whole lot of ground. Although a dictionary might solve the generic misunderstanding. Still, the semantics shows way too much ground to cover. Let’s understand it with a simple case study.

There is a website of FedEx, it usually enables the user to track their packages. Now, if you’ve got the package and still the website is showing the package “In Transit”, What will you call that, an out of date gesture or inaccurate information? Of course an inaccurate information, which can be very misdirecting. So, that’s what I point out.

When you don’t serve your user an accurate information, they tend to divert from your website and it’s completely natural. If you’re mentioning some facts, you’ve to be more specific. This is where I suggest you a solution.

As a WordPress developer, you have no control over the content of the website and the inaccuracy factor has no limit. So, I suggest you to at least have a ‘sanity check’ over the codes and snippets. This will lead to the betterment of your WordPress website.

2. Responsive User Interface

Responsive User Interface

Now, one thing for sure can boil up your user, i.e. slow page loading time. One of your users quit visiting your website because he/she have to wait for eternity to load your WordPress website. Now, that’s a bummer, right? This specific problem actually elevates your user’s anger and then follows by some very serious reactions which as a website owner you will not like. Isn’t it obvious, that if your user-list is thinning day by day, you’ll be devastated?

So, if you really want your user to stay with you, you’ve to make certain changes. Let me give you some plugins that will help you to overcome these hurdles.


JetPack WordPress Plugin

This single plugin is capable of propelling your website and avails you more than just a mobile responsive design. This plugin gives you more than 33 peculiar features. The ultimate aim of JetPack developers is to evolve it from being a plugin to be a package.

Apart from giving you a mobile responsive layout, this plugin can be used to optimize your web page in many terms. It enables you to make custom forms and custom CSS. You should give it a try as this is a free plugin and offers so many things which can actually transform your WordPress website’s speed.


UberMenu WordPress Plugin

This is one of the best responsive menu layout available in the market. With this plugin on your side, you can give your user a breathtaking experience. The fun part of it is that it is entirely responsive and mobile optimized.

You can easily add images and customize the layout of the menu. With easy shortcodes, you can add any widget of your choice easily. It also enables you to create any unique style which can define your brand. With this plugin, it is easy to tweak menu colors and effects to keep the viewer busy all day. Try it and see the difference.

3. Easy and Secure Logins

Easy and Secure Logins

To understand it better, let me give you a case study. How about a website which I often visited with my device or laptop, But now I am on a move and I don’t remember the username. I tried many but never got that right. I know that’s not a fault of a website, But visitor is a keeper. So, If this is annoying, I might start thinking of leaving the website.

That’s absurd, right? Actually no, it’s not. This is one of the common tendency of a user. Now, here’s a thought, think of instead a username if you were using a field for email, or just an option of “Forgot your username”. This might help your user to remember his/her username.

Apart from being easy, the user should also be convinced that his/her login credentials are safe and are not being distributed to third party spammers. For all these troubles, I would love to suggest you plugin for these purposes. Let’s have a look,

WP Custom Register Login

WP Custom Register Login

This plugin enables you to design custom login and registration pages. The best part of this plugin (My personal Point of View) is that you can enable the users to log in with their email ids and passwords. Username concept is like Old School and many times user forget the unique username they were given at the time of registration. This plugin eliminates the inconvenience, and good deed is done for your WordPress website.

4. Consistent Input

Consistent Input

Consistency is the key to better user experience. As a developer one may think that giving a user one robust contact form will be enough. However, it is far from the reality. The realistic approach should be like, from top to bottom, one and only one flow. Just imagine for a second, you’re in a website which is full of bright pictures, asymmetric layouts, and 2 or 3 different types of contact forms (In terms of style and style guide).

As a user, anyone can get annoyed in seconds. Avoid this killer creativeness. This will certainly kill the number of the visitors on your website.

5. Contact Details

Website Contact Details

The website functions as a linking bridge between you and your user, all the visitor of your website expect to get some contact information. The primary function of a website is to show the product or services to offer and then leave the trail to your visitors with a robust contact info of yours. This basic principle actually based on common sense and it is also very crucial as it surrogated implies to your WordPress website’s CTA (Call To Action).

For this sole purpose, I have two plugins which I found best to provide you with this service. Let’s have a look what they have to offer.

Contact Info Widget

Contact Info Widget

This plugin allows you to display your contact information on your WordPress website with icons. This is the simplest plugin for you to use when it come to showing your contact information. Some of its features are,

  • Add Title; Company; About; Address; City + Zip code.
  • Also, it has 27 icon effects to make it engaging.
  • You can also add social media or skype link if you want.

Sticky Pop-up

Sticky Pop-up WordPress Plugin

Sticky pop up is another simple widget which allows you to add simple contact information in a fixed position. Although it is not just designed for contact information. You can use it for any purpose. All you have to do is add the simple shortcode as you did for your posts, and you can update any information such as contact form, social media links, feedback form, lead generation form and others.

6. Fast Loading Speed

Fast Loading Speed

We are living in the time of lighting fast speed. You cannot expect your user to wait for a longer duration for your site to open. Even the internet experts say that an average user can only wait for 3 seconds to load your website. I guess now, it is clear that why you need to create a fast loading WordPress website.

Fast loading directly affects your bounce rate. The slow websites tend to have higher bounce rate than fast websites. Here let me sort this thing out with two great plugins which will keep yourWordPress website fast enough.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

When we talk about faster load time and the net speed of a WordPress website, no one is better than one and only W3 Total Cache. The best part of this plugin is that its easy integration with Content Delivery Network (CDN). A CDN always have a significant impact on the load time of the webpage. Let’s see what this plugin got for you,

  • It improves the SEO performance of your website.
  • Reduced page load times.
  • It also optimized progressive render.
  • In addition to all the above features, it enhances the web server performance.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

If you like to post multiple images with a single post, then this plugin is a must for you. It can be very handy when it comes to compressing JPG and PNG images without losing their quality. Some of its features are,

  • It enables you to compress the images which result in faster loading time of your WordPress website.
  • This plugin enables you to consume less bandwidth due to the compressed size of the image.
  • It is considered to be the best PNG optimizer.
  • With the wp_image_editor class extension on your side, you can easily optimize all the images just by directing it to the folders of images.

7. Relevant Images

Images are the very powerful source to reflect the brand value of a website. All your user expect to see brand oriented images, any image will do you no good.

It is scientifically proven that a human brain renders more towards visuals than text. So, relevant images will not only helps you to maintain your brand image but also keep your visitor engaged and interested. To solve this problem I have one solution, one plugin that will keep these kinds of problems at the bay.

Envira Gallery Lite

Envira Gallery Lite WordPress Plugin

Envira Gallery Lite is a free version of the Envira Gallery premium plugin. It enables you to create responsive and beautiful image gallery. Let’s check some of the features of this plugin.

  • Envira Gallery comes with a Lightbox feature. This gives your gallery a smooth and eye-pleasing image experience.
  • Optimized for SEO.
  • Enables you to do Pagination.
  • Easy to use with drag and drop feature.

8. WordPress Website Security

WordPress Security

As a user, you know the value of security in a website. If someone wants to share some data, or purchase goods or services, they will definitely look into your security setup.

In the much simpler word, I can say, you must have SSL certificates. To overcome this expectation of your user, allow me to introduce you to the two solutions.

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin

This plugin is incredibly easy to use. With just one click you can move your WordPress website to SSL. After which all the incoming requests will be redirected to HTTPS. It is fast because it has minimal options.

The Pro version of Really Simple SSL is able to support mixed content. It also has the option to enable “HTTP Strict Transport Security” with detailed feedbacks.


CM HTTPS Pro WordPress Plugin

This plugin enables you to install an SSL certificate on your website and move it from HTTP to HTTPS.
In addition to this feature, CM HTTPS Pro includes a scanner to search for all the unsecured content. So, with this feature, you can force the entire domain to switch to HTTPS.

9. Website Layout

A website layout is very crucial, however, there are no hard and fast rules for a layout. It totally depends on the nature of the business, but still, it should be proper. Navigation is also a part of website layout. It helps your viewer to stay on your website. A layout should be responsive and engaging.

I’ve got two solutions for just the purpose.

Content Views

Content Views WordPress Plugin

This incredible plugin enables you to create Grid style without any coding. That’s not just it. There are many other features worth looking at,
Use shortcodes to display any kind of content in grid form.
Also, enables you to have a glance on the preview before applying it on the page.
You can select the metadata to be shown to the viewers.

Post Grid

Post Grid WordPress Plugin

Post Grid is a unique, fully responsive Content grid plugin. It is an ideal plugin if you’re looking for some unique grid styles for your content. Have a look on the features Post Grid offers,

  • It enables you to adjust the grid shape, height, and width.
  • Supports all kind of WordPress content.
  • Also, includes social sharing buttons.

So, these are the expectations of users when they actually type the website URL on the address bar.
Let’s have a quick recap before I conclude this post.

  • Accurate Data
  • Responsive User Interface
  • Easy and Secure Logins
  • Consistent Input
  • Contact Details
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Relevant Images
  • Security
  • Website Layout

So, if you like my list, please share it and spread the word. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact me via comments. I will reply you as soon as possible. Thanks & have a good one.

Besides, if you want to dig deeper into this matter, our friends at CloudLiving have published an in-depth article about WordPress Security here.