How To Submit A WordPress Website To Google Search?

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WordPress is the open-source content management system used to build the website. It comes with many advantages like plugin compatibility for different functionalities, etc.

WordPress comes with an easy-to-use interface and especially best for bloggers to publish posts easily 

In a recent survey, it is found that nearly 70% of the websites on the internet runs with the WordPress content management system.

So, from the above image, it is totally clear that the maximum percentage of the websites use the WordPress CMS.

In the blog let us introduce the steps involved to submit a wordpress website to google. Kindly follow these simple steps to submit your site to the Google Search Engine.

How to add a website to Google?

If you are starting a new website, you can submit your website to Google Search by following the steps mentioned below:

– Install All in One SEO Plugin
– Create XML Sitemap
– Integrate Google Search Console
– Submit the XML Sitemap using Google Search Console

Install All in One SEO Plugin

all in one SEO pack plugin

All in One SEO Plugin is available both in free and premium versions. To use the basic SEO features free version is enough. You can install the All-in-One SEO plugin to your WordPress website and implement On-Page SEO elements. By using this plugin you can add title tags, meta description, meta keywords, and other On-Page SEO elements to the posts and pages.

Moreover, you can create an XML sitemap, integrate Google Analytics and the Google Search Console codes via the All in One SEO plugin. Hence, it is possible to use the free version of the All in One SEO Plugin to access enable the basic SEO functionalities in the website.

Create XML Sitemap

XML sitemap is the main thing that you need to work on when indexing your website. It will contain all the post URLs, page URLs and URL’s to the attachments like images and other files on the website. You can create the XML sitemap for your website using the All in One SEO plugin.

Once you have created the sitemap using the All in One SEO plugin, you can submit the XML sitemap to the Google using search console. So the Google crawler will crawl the sitemap thereby crawling all the posts and pages on your website.

Integrate Google Search Console

google search console

Another one to submit a WordPress website to google is Google Search Console. It is the open-source platform introduced by Google to help bloggers and business owners easily submit their websites to Google. This tool will also help you to find the errors and optimize visibility if you have any on the website and fix them easily.

You can integrate the Google Search Console easily by using the All in One SEO plugin then verify it.

Once you have integrated the WordPress website with the Google Search Console, you can log in to the Google Search Console anytime and check your performance of your website. Google Search Console will also let you know about the errors and the coverage issues in your website and you can easily fix them.

Submit the XML Sitemap using Google Search Console

Kindly login to your search console account and submit the XML sitemap of your website to Google.

As shown in the below image, you can enter the URL of the XML sitemap in the search console and click on submit. Usually, the URL of the XML sitemap will be your domain name followed by the sitemap.xml.

Even if you have any issues with your XML sitemap, the Google search console will notify you of the same and you can sort that and resubmit it again. An XML sitemap will enable the Google crawlers to effectively crawl all your webpages and index them.

If you are new to blogging, then you can check out the guide written by Dinesh Kumar VM on “how to build a website from scratch and make it live on Google” which is available in SeekaHost, he explained in detail the search console integration and the XML sitemap submission.


As a blogger, you can follow the steps mentioned above and submit your website to Google Search Engine. As a business person, it will be more technical for you to do this stuff. Hence you can hire the best SEO Consultant in London from a digital marketing agency like ClickDo, founded by Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond. SEO Consultants will help you to optimize the website in a perfect way and submit it to Google search.

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