The Collection of Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes

When it comes to building a magazine or news website, WordPress is a top choice. Choosing the perfect premium WordPress themes for your magazine, news blog or a website can be more complicated than you might think. As a publisher, you will find ways to present large amounts of information on a single screen, while you also want your content to be easily accessible and engaging to engage users to join.

In this collection of premium WordPress themes, you will find a lot of themes you can choose from to build a website. We have tried to find themes that have the same characteristics as easy to build and have the right features, suitable for the business and the needs of the customer.

You can also use the themes that we are about to mention below to build a Web site of your own or for customers and businesses as well. These themes will not disappoint you. So, let’s check it out now!

The advantages of premium WordPress themes

Unlike free-form themes, premium WordPress themes are available for purchase from a variety of stores and middleman WordPress themes.

Lots of features and customization options

The biggest advantage of premium WordPress themes for blogs and websites is that you get more features and customization. Because of the competition in the high-end industry, stores are always trying to offer more features at a lower price.

As a client, you have themes that include options like drag and drop builders, shortcodes, diverse templates and layouts, and unlimited colour choices.

Support and updates

WordPress themes are supported and updated regularly. Mainly because the theme stores are making money and making it free.

More unique

Because premium WordPress themes blog cost you a little bit of money. They are not often used when compared to free themes. Not to mention there are custom options that give you the ability to personalize your look. Combining the two above, your website will stand out and be more unique.

The Collection of Top 5 Popular wordpress themes

To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of premium WordPress themes. This list has been updated and refreshed since they were published, go and see what’s new!

Eduma – Education WordPress theme

eduma education wordpress theme

Eduma is one of the prominent educational WordPress themes. It helps to build a professional online portal, website for schools, education centres. This theme is suitable for all websites of centres, educational institutes, training institutes or related service providers.

This is a premium WordPress theme with lots of useful features, including class sliders, column feature areas, client testimonials. Moreover, the theme is also equipped with the necessary features to make your website different and unique than other Web sites.

Eduma is the next generation of ThemeForest’s Top # 1 Best Selling WordPress Education Themes, containing all the capacity of eLearning WP, but with a stronger UI / UX. Centred on the # 1 LMS plugin on the official LearnPress (also created by ThimPress) WordPress Plugins directory, this WordPress educational theme has been created. With a super friendly UX and full eLearning functionality, it gives you the best LMS experience ever.

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Charitix – Nonprofit Charity Theme

charitix charity wordpress theme

Charity WordPress Theme is preferably designed with outstanding and amazing characteristics for charity, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), donation and fundraising campaign. It comes with a built-in system to accept one-time or recurring donations and WooCommerce support for adding online stores to your charity.

Charity Theme WordPress charity non-profit will attract visitors by its eye-catching design. This theme has all the elements on any charity website needs. It comes with premium WordPress site builder (visual editor) and Revolution slider plugin.

galax wordpress ecommerce theme

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Galax – Multi-purpose eCommerce Theme

Galax is the premium WordPress themes eCommerce. Not only is it compatible with all types of devices with many useful features, but this WordPress theme also helps you to create different types of websites such as corporate websites, e-commerce and marketing websites.

Using Galax – eCommerce multi-purpose WordPress theme, you can add multiple providers to your website. This means that your website may contain products for people who do not have their eCommerce site. If someone does not have a Web site to sell the product. They can optionally submit the product to your e-commerce Web site if you agree.

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Sailing – Hotel Theme

sailing hotel theme

One of the other WordPress themes that fully meets the basic requirements for a user-friendly hotel website is Sailing. Businesses can customize their website to be unique with a variety of colours, change the parts to their liking with many top-notch, creative and seamless design options. In particular, this premium WordPress theme also supports effective website translation in any language.

Sailing is a Creative WordPress theme suitable for travel, tour, hotel booking, room booking, housing, listing, or Airbnb – bed and breakfast service. If you want to build a hotel website on WordPress. You can count on Sailing as your WordPress theme as it provides the features of a listing, hotel and travel website that can save you tons of time and effort.

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Travel Blog Theme

travel blog theme

It would be a mistake if you do not mention Travel Blog Themes when talking about travel themes. People consider Travel Blog one of the premium WordPress themes for bloggers as well as business. With aesthetic design and diverse additional features. It can be said that Travel Blog Themes is the leading tool to promote the trips and tours that businesses offer.

Some of the outstanding advantages of this interface can be mentioned as diverse display categories are arranged; support displaying large photos or videos; photo, video collection and especially a special search display link to help customers easily choose the right date and destination. Customers using the website Travel Blog Themes can also book, book and pay online right on the website very easily.

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We hope that the above collection of premium WordPress themes will help you create a professional and attractive personal website or blog!

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