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As an education organization, you may want to charge your students monthly instead of charging via courses.

In LearnPress, we have developed the Paid Membership Pro integration with LearnPress so that you can create membership plans for your students. This makes your pricing methods a lot more flexible. You can let your students pay per course, or pay by month (or a given period of time of your choice) or both, with a different recurring fees.

Here is how Membership looks like in real life site with Education WordPress Theme – Education WP.

Let’s take a look on how to create membership plans and integrate it into your sites using Paid Membership Pro with LearnPress

1. Install the Plugin.

If you are using our education WordPress themes, Paid Membership Pro for LearnPress is already included in the package.

If you do not have the add on, you can get Paid Membership Pro for LearnPress here or fill in this form to get the Free LearnPress addon bundle if you have bought our theme

In case you need to install Paid Membership Pro, you can go to your WordPress admin > Plugins > Add New > Search for Paid Membership Pro, install and activate the plugin:

Before that, please make sure you installed WooCommerce Addon for LearnPress for the best experience. You can read about how to install and use WooCommerce for LearnPress by referring to this article.:

2. The first thing to do is to create membership plans.

Please go to your WP-Admin > Memberships > Membership Levels


From here, you will see a notice that tells you to “Add a membership level to get started“. You can click on the notice or just click on Add new level.

Let’s say we will have a Free plan and a Premium plan.

From the Add New Membership Level page, you will need to fill in the Name (For example, “Free”), Description or Confirmation message

Also, in Billing Details, Initial Payment is the initial amount of money that user has to pay at registration. For Free plan, you can set the initial payment of $0

There’s a Recurring subscription option that if you check this option, you will open up many more complex pricing options like pay every month, day, etc, or even Trial payment with trial billing amount

In other settings, you can also disable new sign ups, or set an expiration date for the membership setting.
It’s pretty flexible.

Since we are setting membership plans for courses, there’s no need to check the categories option. Just Save Level and add another level for Premium.

Setup membership pages

After creating levels, you can see from the membership levels page the list of levels you have made. From there, you will also see a notice that you need to set up membership pages.

Just click on it and from there, you will see the list of pages that are needed for the membership feature to work. Without setting these pages, the work flow and the function will not work properly.

Normally, you will have to create pages and assign them to the correct title. However, luckily you can just let the plugin do the hard work for you by clicking on “Click here to let us generate them for you“. It will generate all needed pages for membership plans.

The next step is to activate LearnPress Paid Membership Pro add-on.

*Note, sometimes, you will need to download the membership plugin from our site – for it to work.

Normally, if you use our theme, the add-on is already included and setup. If not, you will need to go here to download and install LearnPress Paid Membership Pro. It also goes with the bundle add-on so you can buy our theme and get it from the bundle add-on.

Please go to LearnPress > Settings > Membership.

There will be an option of “Always buy the course through membership”. If you only wish to let all your student access your courses using membership plans, you can uncheck that. If it is checked, the “Button buy course” will disappear and your students only can access course if they have bought a membership plan.

Finally, we will need to assign courses  to membership plans: When you go to a course’s setting, reach through Course Memberships tab and select the corresponding membership levels

Here’s how your student will see in real life

  1. Visiting course – Buy Membership Button
  2. Clicking on Buy Membership – Membership plan pages
  3. Purchase, confirm
  4. Come back to the course – Course is registered and student can access to course’s content

If you need help, please go to our Forum Support and create a support topic, our supporters are always willing to help you out. 

Comment (8)

    Collins Agbonghama
    November 13, 2017

    Exactly what I am looking for to build for one of our client. We love LearnPress.

    March 12, 2020


    Christian Cartaregia
    March 26, 2020

    Where I found the category blog, business, design/branding and category?
    Thank you

    Anders Tryka
    May 22, 2020

    It worked very well until mid May 2020 but, with recent updates either in LearnPress, PMPro or the Thimpress module that integrates the two, … New courses added in Learnpress can’t be accessed by the associated membership plans. My users do not have access to the new courses, although both LearnPress and PMPro tells me that the courses are correctly assigned to the membership plans. From what I can gather on the Thimpress support forums, I am not the only customer experiencing this. I hope it’s fixed soon, so I can recover my hundreds of dollars and hours spent on building content… instead of answering support tickets from my customers with “I’m sorry, here’s a refund.”

    August 6, 2020

    I want some users to have access to a sections and I don’t want any of the courses in that section to be visible to others; e.g. a private members section. The only way I can see to do that is by categories. However, I can not find a way in to create categories in PMP which I can then feed into LP menu structure or a join button area.

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