Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress in 2021 (Expert Pick)

google analytics plugins

If you wish to optimize your marketing strategies, understand more about your audience, behavior, and refine your sales funnel, Google analytics is absolutely the right tool for you. It is used to collect, report and also analyze your web data. Moreover, you can integrate this platform – Google Analytics with your WordPress website through plugins. You can view your site performance inside your WP dashboard and more. So, what is the best google analytics plugin for WordPress?

To answer the above question, we recommend you to read our article carefully today. All the plugins below are perfectly great and functional. Hence, you don’t need to worry, just need to check which one is suitable for your needs. One more thing to remember that you can use Google analytics without a plugin. However, if you add Google Analytics to WordPress, it can save your time unlike using separate third party platforms.  

Do We Need a WordPress Plugin for Google Analytics?

Yes, we highly recommend using it if you wish to grow your business. Why? If you are using the Google Analytics plugin, you can track a lot of valuable data. For example:

– Where your customers come from and how they are finding your website: Direct or referral or organic search

– The demographics (age, gender) 

– Track customer’s interests and conversion goal

– How your campaigns are going

There are more features that we can not list here. So, let’s get to the details now!

Top 8 Popular Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress


monsterinsights google analytics plugins

MonsterInsights is the first WP Google Analytics plugin. You can easily install and view your site traffic from the WP dashboard with a few clicks. Moreover, no coding is needed.

Once you add MonsterInsights, you can track all information like real-time stats, or page-level analytics, or affiliate link & ad tracking without leaving your WordPress.

Besides, you can view conversion rate, transactions, and average order value easily by one-click the powerful features – enhanced eCommerce tracking. and it is also a user-friend WP analytic plugin.

Plus, With over 3 million users joined, no wonder MonsterInsights are so famous in the market today.

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With over 1 million active installations, ExactMetrics is exactly the best WordPress plugin for google analytics

By adding this plugin to WordPress, you can track Google Analytics reports right on your WP admin dashboard such as the sessions, how many pageviews, top pages/ posts in your site and the bounce rate. Moreover, you can find organic searches, 404 errors, keywords and AMP (stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Moreover, ExactMetrics is fully customizable with advanced data collection such as page scrolling, downloads, emails, form submissions, and more. Another great feature here is “custom dimensions”, it allows custom tracking for authors, searchers, users and so on.

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Analytify is another one we have to say in this article. First impression of Analytify is there is a free version and it includes all features like others to view statistics (how many visitors and pageviews, number of new-returning visitors, the top pages, geographic data, etc)

Moreover, Analytify is easy to use for everyone. You can simply install to add the tracking code into your WP site within minutes then view reports on WP admin area. If you wonder how your page-level statistics (views, users, bounce rate) is and how to get the email notifications reports, then let’s download Analytify.To monitor your campaigns, their developers developed an powerful add-on to help you – UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters.

Analytify also has a premium version with $39 and if you wish to have WooCommerce or some add-ons, you need to pay more. Let’s click our link below to see more details!

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Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

enhanced ecommerce google analytics plugins for woocommerce

Do you want to download the best free google analytics plugin for WordPress in only 5 minutes? Of course, we suggest you use this Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin. 

With the famous eCommerce tracking feature, you can learn more about user’s behavior and this surely helps you to optimize your online store. 

Besides, Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin brings a new look with 4 enhanced ecommerce reports (Shopping Behaviour, Checkout Behaviour, Product Performance, and Sales Performance Report)

However, there are some limited functions of this plugin. If you are a newbie, it can help you with simple products, shortcodes, child themes or subscription items.

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Google Analytics by 10Web 

Google Analytics by 10Web

Another highlight plugin that integrates with Google Ads and aslo Google Adsense is absolutely  Google Analytics by 10Web. You can easily collect all datas of your campaigns and manage your goals without leaving the WP admin dashboard. Moreover, it takes only single clicks for the installation process of this plugin then tracks google Analytics reports.

In addition, Google Analytics by 10Web offers lots of other features such as eCommerce tracking, exporting reports into CSV files or using automated email reports with a great customer service team that can solve any problems from users quickly.

Overall, it is worth downloading and setting up on your WP site.

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GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics is definitely the best google analytics plugin for WordPress from Jeff Starr. It comes with a free and also paid version and each one has its own features.

Firstly, if you like to use a lightweight, simple & fast plugin, you can install the free one with a few clicks and get ID then add this google analytics tracking code to your site. There are some features such as display advertising, support enhanced link attribution to know details of the links users click, IP anonymization, google optimize and so on.

Secondly, you can get more features including the same features from the free version by upgrading into the pro version.Sadly, this plugin does not allow you to see statistics in your WordPress mind area. You have to log in via Google Analytics account and view the data.

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WP Statistics 

WP Statistics

WP Statistics is one of the simple google analytics plugins. It comes with a free and freemium version. You can download it easily through by clicks and get the file then add this plugin to your WP dashboard. This plugin especially is GDPR compliant so you do not need to care about creating a data processing contract with the external company.

After installing, you can know which country and city your users come from, what kind of browser they use, IP address, top pages/ posts. Furthermore, you can export the data to XML, CSV formats, and TSV files. From the categories, your tags, and writers, you can analyze contents too.

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WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics Events plugins

Last but not least in google analytics plugins is WP Google Analytics Events. If you don’t want to write any code but still want to track events on your site, the WP Google Analytics Events plugin is a perfect tool for you. 

Tracking in-page navigation to know more users and contact form submissions, also comparing the performance of your CTA buttons are some main features of WP Google Analytics Events you can play. Moreover, go with the Pro version, you can use one-click link tracking and it supports even youtube and Vimeo.

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Final Thoughts

That’s all for today and we hope that you can choose which google analytics plugin for WordPress is the best for your business. If you just need simple features, you can check out the free version like Analytify and if you require a reliable solution, you can go with a paid one like  MonsterInsights. We hope this article is exactly what you are looking for and enjoy it.

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