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Undoubtedly food and cooking plays an important role in our life. All of us need to eat, but eating in this modern society has developed to something even more powerful. Eating is an art; appealing to all of your senses, make you delight both in your eyes, your mind and from the tip of your tounge. Therefore, there can be little place that demonstrate this culinary art as perfect as restaurants.

One way for restaurants to increase customers’ satisfaction is to have a great website with elegant design, smooth user inteface and user experience before ordering. Creating a website is also beneficial to restaurant owners in many ways. One of which is that website can be a source of lead generation for them. It’s also the place that display and show off the restaurants’ professionalism. Menu photos and dishes preview images exhibit the highly skills of the chefs.

Resca is one of the most amazing restaurant WordPress theme. It is graphically polished and seamless in both design and experience. Resca restaurant theme is so powerful and versatile that it is capable of displaying everything related to your restaurant. Besides, the theme is so incredibly lightweight while ensure the maximum optimization for SEO and Mobile displays. In this post, I’ve rounded up a collection of 12 best restaurant websites made by WordPress restaurant theme Resca – One of the best WordPress theme for restaurants. Hopefully this can be a source of inspiration for you to build your own restaurant website in the future, or in the NOW.

** You can learn more about Resca here and watch its demo here. You can get this beautiful WordPress restaurant theme for only $59 with 6 months of technical support from ThimPress.

4.5 x3 (4point5)


The dubliner Westportal – A Classic Neighborhood Bar

Muy Macho – Mexican Grill

All sports kafe

Remos Village – Itallian restaurant

Ollie & Hobbes Craft Kitchen

Salameh restaurant

Los Asados

Eat At George’s Place – Bar and Grille

Rafters Restaurant

Live Kitchen – Cafe & Restaurant

Your thoughts on a WordPress restaurant website?

What do you think about these wonderfully amazing websites? Do you need a website of your own restaurant at a low cost but high quality? Or you need a website powered by Resca WordPress restaurant theme that will help you to do more with less? It’s time you get to know more about Resca here.

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