5 Ways to Improve User Engagement with Online Video

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It doesn’t matter if you have a website, a blog, or an online brand – content creation is everything, and it’s no longer just about focusing on text content. While WordPress makes the process of content creation easier, it would be a mistake to not be adding video within your content as well. A video is an excellent tool for promoting your brand online. Animated video is especially powerful when it comes to creating hype for what you are doing as a company. There are also plenty of plugins out there to help protect your video content from being downloaded and copied by others as well.

When you have an online website or blog, you must find a way to generate interest in your online presence, such as adding videos, so that you can increase your potential client base and engagement levels.

Why Create an Explainer Video?

When creating animated or explainer videos, you should think about the purpose of creating them, as you develop your content. The purpose of creating and using explainer videos can include the following:

1. Explaining a product or service

Education and information are the keys to grabbing your target audience when you’re trying to promote a product or service. The main reason that animated videos are used is to explain how a product or service works. By using this visual medium of video animation, you’re more likely to engage your audience who may not want to read boring text that explains a process or product.

2. Explaining a process that is difficult to understand

People crave information. They are especially appreciative of a brand that offers this information without charging any extra fees. When you provide someone with a free product or service, they tend to trust you and come back later. So, providing helpful information through a video that explains a difficult process might help the customers and also build credibility with your target audience.

3. Illustrating your company history and why you’re in the business you are in

You obviously don’t want to spend a lot of time promoting yourself as part of your main site content. Instead, you can do this in a corporate video where you can tell your story. Creating an explainer video can explain your corporation, your ethics and values, and how it works. These videos can help you maximize the interest of your target customers in your brand. If people know why you’re in the business that you’re in, and why you do what you do, they will recognize your passion and engage further with your brand.

4. Setting up a problem and solution

Having an online business today is all about solving problems. Creating a problem/solution scenario is a great way to show how your brand helps customers with their problems. When you illustrate how you can answer a customer’s problem better than the way your competition can, you perform well. You establish credibility for your brand as well as attract future customers. Remember that your goal is not just acquiring customers, but retaining them by maintaining a relationship with them in the future as well. This, a part of branding and brand building, should be considered while creating an explainer video.

5. For training employees

Animated videos are a great way to communicate intended information regarding your company or products. You can train employees as an essential part of your business. However, providing documents that they might not even read is not efficient. Brand owners should utilize the capabilities of animations including whiteboarding and stop-motion videos as examples to engage and educate their employees. This will help them stay on the same page. When you put this information into an interesting explainer video, employees are more likely to remember the information.

How to Create an Animated Video

All of these are viable reasons as to why you might want to use animated explainer videos. But once you decide that you need an explainer video, how will you make it?

You can choose character animation which involves creating characters that interact with each other, similar to the characters in a Pixar Studios movie with 3D or 2D technology. These kinds of videos may take a long time to get created unless you have the tools to create them. You will need to get professional animators and voice actors for narration, as well as music experts to put it all together. Fortunately for business owners today, there is a better way to put together an explainer video that will have the same effect as hiring a full-scale video animation crew without the considerable cost involved with this.

What is whiteboard video?

A Whiteboard video is a revolutionary tool that is fairly new to the animation industry. It is used for sales presentations as well as tutorial-style, corporate, and explainer videos. This type of animation shows a process or simply tries to sell a product to the target audience.

How the Video Creation Process Works

Whiteboard animation depicts a series of actions and events. It tells a story or presents an idea or a product in a compelling way. As a hand draws out the scenario, the narration and text or other tools are brought in to take the viewer through the explanation or process.

Whiteboard videos are an excellent way to explain the process from start to finish. They increase the viewer’s engagement level due to the anticipation created while waiting to see the call to action at the end of the video.

Much of the success of whiteboard type videos is in the scripting. The text keeps the audience’s interest as the narrator is going along with the script. Also, unlike character animations or 3D Motion Graphics, you do not need to have interactions between characters which makes it more of a fit to the topic.

Using Whiteboard with Sales Videos

Sales videos that are created with whiteboard video technology are highly effective because they engage the viewer all the way to the end. When using whiteboard videos, you cut down on the possibility that your viewers will not stay until the end to hear your call to action. This is also just another example of how to go the extra mile and create better content for your audience, while also providing more value to your audience in the process.


How to Increase Engagement with Explainer Videos

Once you have your whiteboard video created, you might want to think about the ways to increase your level of engagement by effective promotion and social media strategies. Some of the best examples of how to do this are listed below.

1. Promote your whiteboard videos on social media channels.

Social media is still one of the best ways to promote any content, not just animated video content. Combine a short text-based post with your video and tell people to check out your new product or service. Spend some time showing them how to complete a process that is necessary to use products effectively. Then, post the video on your social media pages. You will be surprised at the results.

2. Include your whiteboard animation in your email campaigns.

Don’t just include text with links that people may or may not click on in your email newsletters. Instead, provide a link to your blog. You can also put in a link to one of your new whiteboard animation videos that you uploaded on YouTube. This will give your target audience more engaging content that they can interact with and comment on rather than just boring text.

3. Cross-link your whiteboard animation videos with your other media including podcasts and other videos.

Also, include links on your blogs and embed your whiteboard animations within a relevant blog post. Providing your target audience with a visual like this can be very helpful in winning friends and influencing people.

4. Find the tools that work best for you.

Don’t know where to start regarding creating your whiteboard video? Try a tool like mysimpleshow.com. This unique automated tool allows you to import or write a script, create whiteboard animation content using keywords identified by AI. Once done, you will have your video delivered to you within minutes. This tools puts an animated producer in your hands without actually having to take the time to learn the process or do the work yourself.

5. Write a rough draft of the script yourself then share it with the experts.

If you know what the purpose of your video is and what you want to say, you’re halfway there. Take the information and put together an excellent rough draft of your script. You can then share it with experts such as the simpleshow staff and let them put their creative work to use for you.

In Summary, Whiteboard Videos are Great for All Websites and Blogs

Whiteboard Videos are Great for All Websites and Blogs. If you want to improve the user engagement for your online video content, try whiteboard animation videos. Sketch out the basics, write a script, then submit your idea to a creative team. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll improve the user engagement and increase sales. And isn’t that the goal, after all?

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