How to create a Udemy or Coursera clone easily with LearnPress

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Of course we all know that cloning other people’s products is not a good and authentic idea at all. For that reason, the title of this article could be restated as the following: What you need for your education website to be as powerful as Udemy and Coursera and how LearnPress can help you deal with all that.

Unlike most other LMS, LearnPress LMS is made for small and midsize schools and eLearning Website (recently Open EdX retweeted one of our answer on Quora, confirming LearnPress is ideal for small and midsize educational institutions). LearnPress has a clear target and a clear goal of providing their clients only what they need the most instead of giving a lot of features that its users never need. This product development philosophy has helped ThimPress in saving lots of human resource, and the most important thing is: they have more time to invest in features that are really important, to make them even better.

Therefore, LearnPress has a lot of functionalities that are similar to the best eLearning websites out there, and LearnPress did so well that it has climbed to being the best WordPress LMS with the most number of active users – 10,000 users.


Here are 7 most important features of Udemy and Coursera that if a website can implement them right, they can easily be as powerful and flexible.

I. WordPress Learning Management System’s Role

1. LMS – Course Management, Curriculum, …

If there is not a complete system that will manage everything like the workflow, how courses are made, how to navigate to a lesson, how to edit a quiz, …, your website would be really messy and a real pain to anyone. LMS is a must for any websites that offer courses and lessons for their visitors. LearnPress was born for this reason. Udemy has a system of their own, but LearnPress can also do the same job exceptionally well.

2. Certificate

Upon finishing a course, students will be given an online certificate confirming that they have finished a lesson. In Multi-massive open online courses, certificates can be free or you must pay for it, and the certificate for different programs are different. In LearnPress, there is a Certification add-on that make sure every student can receive a certificate. It even allows Drag and drop to assist the instructor in designing better certifications for the students.

3. Content Drip? Why not!

In some courses, your learning process is progressive, meaning you have to finish lesson 1 to proceed to lesson 2. In MOOCs and online learning, the same principle applied. Content Drip add-on allows you to decide whether one can take a lesson before viewing other lessons or not.

4. Quiz

The only way to make sure people really understand what is being taught is via practicing and testing. LearnPress has a comprehensive system of quiz and tests with many options. It even has some additional add-ons to improve quiz performance, bringing a brand new experience for people when taking quizzes, answering questions.

II. Sale and marketing role

1. Payment method

One of the advantage of LearnPress is that it is flexible in choosing payment method for students. This can encourage people to pay their money. This is also true in other MOOCs platform where users can easily choose between many payment option without being restricted. If this process is not optimized, it would make a significant loss to any eLearning website since it is the only way web owner can benefit from.

2. Commission

The tremendous success of Udemy that many other online learning website cannot accomplish is that they have a system for setting up and calculating commissions. If you only create courses on your own, it is ok, but since affiliate marketing is one of the most effective marketing method, Commission add-on should be on every eLearning website. This could help you increase your earnings. Commission add-on has just been released a few weeks ago, but it is now one of the most wanted plugin for LearnPress.

3. Paid Membership

Static pricing is not a one-fits-all solution in most cases. For example, while Udemy applies a fixed price for each product, Lynda offer a yearly package for all available course, or Coursera offer specializations that must be paid to learn, or paid to get more benefits. There is an add-on for LearnPress that could help deal with this – Paid Membership Pro. You can create membership levels and assign these levels to each course. It is very effective to help you with boosting your sale.

Ultimate: Good UI and UX

One more important factor in creating such a successful website is to make it friendly and attractive while easy to use. Udemy and Coursera and most other popular website’s design can proof this. Unfortunately, like all other LMS platform, LearnPress is just a plugin, so if you want to have a killer-looking UI and UX for your website, you will need an awesome theme.

Since LearnPress is a popular plugin, and an open source, many developers and theme makers have made really great themes with it. Here is 7 best themes for LearnPress. Or you can just take a look at Education WP – the best and most optimized LMS & Education WordPress theme for LearnPress, made by ThimPress.

Image: Education WP’s Course Hub Demo – similar to Udemy and Coursera style
Image: Education WP’s Course Hub Demo – similar to Udemy and Coursera style

The perks of buying a theme made by LearnPress author is that you can get all LP premium add-on for free and that your website would never have to experience any problem with the theme and the plugin.

A Step-by-step guide on how to install and setup Udemy Clone in 10 minutes

In this video tutorial, we described step-by-step of how to install the theme Education WP (a.k.a the best LMS and Education WordPress theme) and set it up to make it look 95% like an Udemy Clone with all of its function. The great thing is this theme will be updated regularly to adapt with the upcoming changes and to be better.

Final thoughts on Coursera, Udemy clone

Be creative, don’t follow the footsteps of others! Even though making a clone of a good business model can bring you benefits quick and easy, your product and your company should have some value and trademark of your own. LearnPress did an awesome job of giving you the tool to build an LMS and Education WordPress website. Education WP gave you the chance to build your website fast and easy, and unique. Now all you need to do is to build course content, curriculum, lessons and quizzes for your students.

Comment (3)

    January 24, 2017

    I would like a more step by step guide for a novice user

    Michael Gallant
    May 3, 2017

    It is not clear whether this will allow different instructors to create their own courses and allow administration to set and earn a commission percentage like Udemy. Is this the case?

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