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About WordPress travel themes

An extensive list of WordPress travel themes is adequate for travel services such as accommodations, cuisine, entertainments and other travel-related websites. This will be the only list you demand for to find out which is the one you have always been dreaming for.

Among all smokeless industrial branches, the travel industry is undoubtedly the top-heading and still taking further steps to modernize itself. On the other side, people who are always busy of work and life, can only spend just a bit of time to search for a trip to the suitable destination.

Therefore, a travel website must be very impressive right at the first sight, and the website’s travel theme plays an enormous role in catching the customers’ impression. Without enhancements in websites, you are running out of chances to retain clients and conserve the market.

Updating the newest travel themes is becoming very common, which also goes with the dilution in the selection of a suitable theme.

Best WordPress travel themes

Among all WordPress themes, there will be both popular ones and unpopular ones. We wildly know that since they get so many searches, views and downloads. Or you can say they are well-selling themes. However, don’t slight the less popular themes. They can be unexplored diamonds that can become the boom.

Thus, we carefully make a detail of best WordPress travel themes based on 2 main evaluation standards. On this list our selections lay on.

  1. Responsive WordPress travel themes.
  2. Envato WordPress travel themes.

Responsive themes

Just like the responsive web design, responsive themes offer excellent user experience. When they surf across a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, desktop computers and also different screen resolutions. We define a responsive WordPress travel themes: a theme which can smoothly adjust its layout to fit any screen size and resolution.

In the old time, before website owners publish something. They have to do some researches and make different versions to fit any platform. Then, if the discovered any error, they would have to maintain all their websites.

Nowadays, with responsive travel theme, sites don’t have to create different specific versions for platforms anymore. It allows us to view and experience on various devices. Without adding or using other themes and plugins at the same time. With WordPress travel themes, no more additional themes, less data needed.

For example, let’s have a look into Sailing – one of the best WordPress travel themes. The web managers focus a lot on the flexibility of the website. Which is intimate with the clients’ experience on the responsiveness of the web itself. Through all update, you can see that from the first update. The supervisors have noticed to the users’ using their web from computer basis, then widen the range of users. They attract the users from tablets basis: mobiles’ experience is significantly improved. From those, we can recognize that the success of them is the better the standard level of customers’ participation.

Envato themes

Envato is a system that contain tools for designers: graphic assets, industrial-training and educational appliances and business managing tools. Therefore, an Envato WordPress travel theme is a product in Envato library. The Envato WordPress travel themes have become one of the two main standards for a theme.

Beside the Responsive WordPress travel themse, since the Envato system become too helpful and popular. We can say that anything approved on Envato website can be called “standard enough”. On the other hand, if a WordPress travel theme is frequently checked by Envato. You can be assured that the theme is suitable for a lot of people. And it might be suitable for you, too

Top Popular Themes

Below are some best WordPress travel themes. And this list will continue to lengthen in the future. We rate these themes based on their popularity, efficiency and customers’ feedbacks.

  1. Hotel WordPress Theme | Sailing
  2. Adventure Tours – WordPress Tour/Travel Theme


sailing wordpress travel themes

Sailing is a WordPress travel theme focus on travel accommodations for travelers by ThimPress. This focuses on improving itself and free designing for customers. Stunning parallax effect make the web fancy. While 600+ Google Fonts and unlimited colors and outer skins put on the website an amazing and gorgeous outfit. Attracting users in the first impression.

Like Adventure Tours, Sailing is also co-operating with WooCommerce, using 100+ payment methods for better customers’ experience. By using the Sailing WordPress travel theme, the website’s rank will surely stand on higher position on search engines: Google, Bing, …

Adventure Tours

advanture tours wordpress travel themes

This is a WordPress travel theme created for tour managers and travel agencies. The main reason why this theme stands on top is for its convenience and flexibility. Customers can set up as many tour attributes as you want.

You can also make up tour dates flexibly as the smart booking system. For a tour running a regular scheme, you don’t need to make more tours if some specific changes happen.

In addition, Adventure Tours allows many kinds of payments. PayPal or any payment gateway of WooCommerce, which can be selected from more than 100 gateways.

You can make sure about its quality and safety as it is checked frequently by Envato. Besides, the theme’s authors offer the availability to get the clients’ questions answer. As well as getting support with detected errors and bugs, and an included 3rd party asset.


WordPress travel theme by far has been very popular to people working in tourism industry. The benefits of themes are absolutely uncountable, and people realize it, and take advantages of it. Without these travel themes, the online branch of travel may have not developed well like this.

Or with many options, you can drop in Best WordPress themes.

Therefore, through some standard and websites above, WordPress travel themes should be used more frequently, and also more flexible. Try one now, to get the enormous privileges of the current best WP travel themes.

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