The Best WordPress Cache Plugin for 2021 (Free & Paid)

best wordpress cache plugin

Are you having a website but the loading time & performance is kind of slow? Then you definitely need the best caching plugin for WordPress to speed up your site, boost your traffic, performance & conversions. For example, when you access a website but it takes a few mins to load. Of course, you will exit that site to find better research. Possibly you will never return again. However, if the website loading time is fast and useful, you will stay longer (increase user spending time and user experience). To avoid this situation, you have to study which one is the Best WordPress Cache Plugin and it might take your time as well. Hence, let’s stay with us and read our topic today then pick one of 5 best of the best plugins which are tested by our experts.

What is Cache?

Before listing out 5 best WordPress cache, do you know what cache means? Cache is the place to store the data temporarily on a hard disk. So whenever there is a request, it accesses the files quickly and helps to load faster. Without caching, if there is a request, your computer needs time to run some processes before presenting the information.

That can be the reason why WordPress Cache Plugin is on the market now. It helps to skip all the complicated steps to make a copy of the page after completing the first loading and serve to every subsequent user.

Top 5 Best WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Rocket – Top 1 Best WordPress Cache Plugin

wp rocket best wordpress cache plugin
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WP Rocket is the best cache plugin for WordPress from time to time for speeding up your website with only a few clicks. It is totally easy to use and set up even with no code acknowledged, beginners or all other levels still can play it. After installing WP Rocket, you can have all the caching settings for web performance such as cache preloading, lazy-loading, CDN ready or page & browser caching. Surely, your website will have better rankings as well. 

Other features we have to say here are that it’s compatible with all eCommerce plugins and also you can customize the cache options for multi-languages. The database optimization feature helps to clean your WP database and remove some of the resources being used.

Sadly, WP Rocket does not have a free or trial version, they only offer premium plans.With a single plan ($49), you can receive one year of the support as well as the update for only a single website. And the highest plan is infinite ($249), you can have one year of the support as well as the update for unlimited sites. However, it’s possible to apply for a full refund within 14 days from the time you purchase. Let’s make WP Rocket yours today!

W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache
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If you wish to have the best cache plugin WordPress for your site, we highly recommend using the free plugin – W3 Total Cache with over thousand of active installations on It has all necessary features even though it’s free such as page & pose cache, feed cache, object cache, CSS & JavaScript cache, fragment cache, AMP ready, mobile support and so much more.

W3 ToTal Cache,in addition, is compatible with some hosting options, for example, shared hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers. To make your online shop faster, the plugin can help with SSL ready. Together with the media library and CDN integrations, you can optimize images better. It’s worth considering to lower your site loading time and improve traffic with user experience!

WP Super Cache 

WP Super Cache
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Aside from W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache is yet another free and open-source caching plugin we should mention here. The plugin is entirely popular with over 2 million installations at the present time. There is no upgrade required version because it provides all powerful features. The plugin creates static HTML files to avoid the processing of heavy and expensive WP PHP scripts. These static HTML files can serve up to 99% of visitors. Also, there are 3 caching modes to serve cached files and choose from for all levels as its name suggests: Expert, simple, and WP-cache caching. 

Furthermore, the plugin offers the recommended settings option for you so you will know and follow to lower your site loading time. This includes simple caching, gzip compression, rebuild caching, CDN support, homepage checks, and doesn’t cache pages for users who know it. By using the  process of garbage collecting, it will remove all the old files from the cache to reduce the slow down of your site in the caching process. Given these points, WP Super Cache is the best WordPress Caching Plugin ever. 

Cache Enabler 

cache enabler best wordpress cache plugin
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Cache Enabler is the best caching plugin WordPress, especially, it is a free, efficient, and fast  tool as well. It supports WebP to convert the images to WebP by using the WordPress Image Optimizer plugin – Optimus. In particular, Cache Enabler is the easiest one to use and set up to fit all the levels. To see the real acache size, you can open to view right on your WordPress admin dashboard. Then there are 3 ways to clear the cache: Manual, auto or WP-CLI ways 

Other features of this free plugin is Gzip precompression, minification of HTML, multisite network support, and so much more. Since the Cache Enabler works well with almost every third party plugin, Autoptimize is one of those plugins to inject CSS into the page head. Let’s check out Cache Enabler!

Comet Cache – Best WordPress Cache Plugin

Comet Cache
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Unlike above plugins, Comet Cache provides a free and premium version for you to choose and it is considered the best caching plugin for WordPress. This Comet Cache plugin allows you to set up the caching in a few minutes, 2 mins exactly. It’s possible to cache on posts/ pages/ categories, or even tags. Multisite network, even translation-ready, GZIP compression, login user caching, mobile-adaptive mode, and so much more are available. 

With the premium plan, you can choose unlimited site support plan ($139), single site ($39), or 3 sites ($99) to add more pro features aside from the automatic cache clearing functionality. As shown above, most of the important and necessary features are included in the free version so you do not really need to upgrade to the premium version. 

Final Thoughts

We have shared all free and premium plugins that you can use to speed up your website and improve performance. To this end, you might have an idea to pick the Best WordPress Cache Plugin in our collection today. 

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