Top 5 Fantastic WooCommerce WordPress Themes

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Choosing a WordPress theme for your website is just as important as choosing a WordPress Host. You need to take time to think carefully. There are a ton of kind WordPress themes out there on the WordPress Theme Directory, not to mention hundreds of third-party websites. So it can be difficult to make the final choice. But no one can deny the great flexibility and influence of WordPress on the World Wide Web. Today, WooCommerce WordPress themes are the chosen ones for us to talk about.

While we cannot list all the available themes for your website, we will list some of the best and best free WordPress themes, based on criteria we consider coin-worthy. Web design direction 2020. Our selection will provide you with many WordPress templates with different functions including e-commerce, news, business, …

What is the theme?

The theme, also known as the interface used to design WordPress web helps us save a lot of time and money. Every WordPress source site has a theme folder to hold the theme files. Use themes to help edit web pages according to different needs and uses. Usually, WordPress themes will be divided into 2 main categories based on price, which are: Free WordPress theme and Premium WordPress theme

By default, in WordPress theme stores there are many categories completely free for us to choose. These themes here are selected themes and meet the basic requirements from WordPress. For those who do not have conditions, it is reasonable to use WordPress’s free themes.

What are the advantages of a WooCommerce WordPress theme?

  • Installation is quick and simple.
  • Convenient editing, development and maintenance.
  • The structure is clear, easy to manage.
  • Today’s WordPress themes are all developed for user-friendly and search engine-friendly development, optimized for SEO.

Things-need-to-know when buying WordPress themes

If you need to make a complete WordPress website and put it into operation, choosing to buy a theme is essential, for those who cannot develop the theme by themselves, buying a copyright theme helps us feel more secure, no. You have to worry about security such as viruses or malicious code, absolutely should not use a free theme called null theme if you are the main website.

Choose a theme with many purchases

On each theme in ThemeForest, many people have purchased and reviewed them. We can immediately see whether this theme is good or not, easy to use or not.

Choose a theme that is easy to install and easy to use

In the description of the theme on providers, we will see descriptions of functionality or usage. The theme has a more detailed description, the more detailed the instructions, the better.

The theme that ensures fast loading speed

The loading speed of the website is very important in recent years, affecting SEO and user experience.

The theme has the features you need

In addition to the general evaluation criteria above, the theme should have the features you need for your website.

Top 5 fantastic WooCommerce WordPress themes

Galax – The top-notch WooCommerce store

galax dropshipping wordpress theme

This is a versatile WordPress Free theme with a variety of uses, including e-commerce, business, blogging, and website portfolio. In particular, programmers will love this flexibility as professional themes offer. It has a static title and first-page motion picture series. Besides, there are eye-catching effects images, bringing interesting experiences for users on the web. As such, it is probably the most versatile option on our list.

Whether you need to incorporate product presentation, highlight the latest blog posts, or showcase the products and services you offer, this theme is an option that you may want to explore more fully.

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Metro – The minimal eCommerce WordPress themes 

metro wordpress ecommerce theme

It’s never too late to create your eCommerce store and this kind of theme will make it easy for you to do just that. Since this WooCommerce WordPress theme is created by a professional developer, you can be sure that the integration of eCommerce will be incredibly smooth. Your site will quickly sell out.

Moreover, with a multitude of extensions, you can add subscriptions or reservations to your product listing, flexible pricing, and more. Alternatively, you can incorporate beautiful parallax backgrounds on the homepage and create custom product galleries using different options at your disposal.

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Flatsome – The multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

flatsome woocommerce wordpress theme

Flatsome is a multipurpose and WooCommerce WordPress theme that includes a pre-made website template for the gym, health, and fitness websites. It includes easy to manage sections for adding instructors, classes, places, and more. The theme also has a space that allows you to display different classes, training sessions, and price lists.

Setting up the theme is pretty easy and it also has a 1-click demo content installer. Fitness has flexible customization options to upload your logo, choose a custom colour, or change fonts. Fitness also supports e-commerce and is optimized for SEO.

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WoodMart – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

woodmart woocommerce wordpress theme

This is a professional WooCommerce WordPress Theme as reviews from users. It provides up to 60 demo layouts for any kind of products which you want to sell.

The theme provides a Multi-column feature that allows you to provide consulting services. It helps you manage, restore, and promote your mall. Besides, WoodMart has AJAX technology which gives your users fast and seamless online shopping interface.

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Astra – The multi-purposes theme


If you want to build a portfolio or a corporate website, you’ll want a clean, professional theme to work with. It provides a sharp and modern view of the creations of business owners. Perhaps the most powerful feature of this theme is its tight integration with plugins including Page Builder and Meta Slider, allowing you to build a highly engaging and interactive website.

Besides, business owners can benefit from seamless integration. Other standout features include a grid display option for photos, artwork, and published works. Comments in the form of threads help visitors easily interact with each other and with the website owner.

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In conclusion

The WooCommerce WordPress themes will help you create the most professional, engaging online store possible. The right themes will help you set up an e-commerce WordPress website easier, SEO standard. Besides, choosing the right Hosting package will also help a lot for website operation. Hope the WordPress themes introduced above will help you have more suggestions for better options.

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