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make money with wordpress


WordPress has widely proven itself to be the most powerful CMS with more than 30 million live users globally. It is well-known thanks to the simplicity, flexibility, and impressive publishing and management tools for content, media, etc. Apparently, it has been a huge opportunity for many people to make money with WordPress due to its popularity. Despite the presence of many other startups, there are still chances that this job can gain you big bucks if done properly. 

So have you ever thought of earning a living online with WordPress but you don’t know how to start? If yes, congratulations, you are absolutely in the right place. This post will illustrate 6 online business ideas that can help you turn a profit from WordPress. So check them out and determine which methods fit with your capability. 

How to make money with WordPress

eCommerce/ Dropshipping

Currently, with the outburst of the online shopping trend, building an eCommerce website is a fantastic idea for you to gain profit. Products varying from e-books and online tickets to apparel, luxury items, furniture, and so on can be marketed on WordPress sites. There are various plugins helping you to do that, but WooCommerce is an optimal choice for you. As the most popular eCommerce plugin on WordPress, WooCommerce is an open-source solution that is totally free and flexible for you to set up your own online business. 

In case you have built an online business elsewhere, migrate to WooCommerce is not a challenging project with LitExtension service. By doing that, you can easily take advantage of WooCommerce’s features to achieve your full potential. 

ecommerce/ dropshipping

Selling online is the easiest way for you to gain profit

Besides a basic storefront with your own products, a dropshipping store can also be created on WordPress. You can easily find many plugins for dropshipping on WordPress marketplace, which is designed to start a small business quickly and effortlessly.

WordPress Courses

If you are confident in your skills and abilities, great! Let’s create an online course. Currently, there are millions of people learning new things via the Internet. All you have to do is design attractive courses and sell them as downloadable products or offer them by subscription. 

In case you strongly desire to put your own knowledge online and make a living, please take into consideration the list of WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) plugins. Generally, these plugins allow you to create classes, share lessons and even evaluate students via quizzes. Depending on different purposes, you can choose the most suitable plugin. 

Currently, LearnPress is the simplest and cleanest option among LMS plugins if you want to start earning online. This is completely free to use with more than 100,000+ active users. Plus, most of the basic add-ons are free, which will help you save your cost significantly. You most likely need to purchase a LearnPress compatible theme, that’s all! Plus, you can also be able to activate a few add-ons such as certificates, course reviews, wishlist, and more to make an advanced curriculum.

wordpress courses

Offer course online is also a good idea 

Blogging/ Content creating

It obviously shows that WordPress is the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

So what are you waiting for if you have a device to type on? Becoming a content freelancer for the website is the easiest way for you to make money with WordPress.

Nowadays, there are tons of websites globally and they absolutely require new content every single day. All you need is applying as a contributor to your favourite online blog where you can submit the papers and get well paid for them. The more articles you write, the more money you can earn. 

bloggging/ content creating make money with wordpress

Earning money by writing blog is great idea for newbies 

Plus, you can launch your own blog if you have a strong passion for writing or creating unique content. Please keep in mind that you should make a good first impression on visitors throughout your content flow and design. If the number of your audience gradually increases and then they become your royal readers, it’s a great opportunity to gain impressive income. There are several ways for you to monetize your traffic, such as dealing with sponsored guest blogs, adding do-follow links or selling your digital/physical products on your website. 

Affiliate Marketing

Actually, you don’t need to offer your own products or services to make money with WordPress. Affiliate marketing allows you to obtain money online by promoting other brands via your channels. You can totally choose any product/ service providers you desire to refer to, which ranges from apparel, cosmetics to electric devices, software and more. 

In this case, running your own blog with several pages and high-quality content can help you earn a huge passive income. Whenever visitors purchase on your link placed on your page, you can get a commission from the sponsoring brand. Although the commission seems small, remember that you can add various affiliate links from different brands on a single post as long as it’s relevant. This process doesn’t require any effort from your side, thus it’s the simplest way for you to make the best use of the traffic on your website. To find your favorite brands and register as an affiliate, you will get lots of money from them. 

Google Adsense

Google Adsense has been known as the fastest way to earn a living for websites or blogs at the moment. This free program runs by displaying suitable ads on your site based on your content and audience. Once a visitor views and clicks on the ads in your search results, you can get paid by the advertisers. The amount of money earned will vary based on the prices of different ads. 

Please keep in mind some tips for maximizing your revenue from AdSense when using WordPress:

  • Invest in high-quality content: As mentioned above, valuable content and quality traffic are the keys for success. You can easily make money with WordPress thanks to this factor no matter if it’s via AdSense or other monetization approaches
  • Pay attention to the mobile responsive ads for your website/blog: With the popularity of mobile devices, please ensure that you are using the responsive ads for your site. By doing that, Google will optimize the size of ads displayed for people viewing your site via mobile tools. 
  • Maximize your ad placement: In each page, there are standard ad placements for you. Thus, making sure that you will take all the advantages of them and gain more benefits. 

Plugin/ Theme development

If you are a website designer or developer, you can totally make money with WordPress by developing plugins and themes. Obviously, nobody runs a WordPress website/blog successfully using unappealing themes or just one plugin, hence the never-ending need for 3rd party theme/ plugin developers.

Currently, the theme and plugin market for WordPress has reached saturation level, but an outstanding product will absolutely help you gain attention. You should spend more time investing in top popular themes and products, then figure out where you can do better than them before creating an up-to-date one. 

Please remember, all you need to do is understand your target audience and satisfy their needs with your new offer.

plugin/ theme development make money with wordpress

If you are developer, developing plugins and themes is suitable choice for you

The process of doing that is quite complicated, but nothing is impossible! Many solopreneurs or agencies have made millions of dollars by creating such impressive themes or plugins for WordPress sites. So in case you’re confident with your technical skills, take this idea into consideration and start earning with WordPress now! 

Final Words

You don’t need to become a WordPress genius to gain money from this powerful CMS globally. Luckily, there are various ways to earn a living online including running our own blog, working as a themes/plugins developer, or even offering maintenance and consulting services, etc. 

Overall, this article has highlighted 6 popular business ideas for you to make a living online with WordPress. No matter which approach you choose, if you find it suitable with your current ability, you can easily get well paid. 

However, don’t limit yourself to achieve your full potential by just applying a single earning method. It’s absolutely inadvisable to rely on a single stream of income. Now it’s your turn! Let’s find out your business ideas and start generating income with WordPress today!

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