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You own a bakery, “best bakery in town” as your customers usually said. But most of your buyers are only in the neighborhood – you want to broaden your brand so that more yummy cakes could be brought to more smart tasters and you don’t know how. Here might be some suggestions for you who work in food industry:

  • Coupons or discounts.
  • Seasonal specials.
  • Shipping.
  • Membership promotion.
  • Online marketing.

Of course, we are not talented marketers, so that what we give you may not be the best solutions. But we advise you to consider the last one mentioned above, because the modern world is creating a generation going shopping online more frequently, even for food. One of the most important factors establishing your online fame or prestige is a website. A website is also a trademark for your bakery, differs you from the others; that’s why it is necessary to own a site that attracts your patrons from the very first click to save time for all of us. ThimPress couldn’t help you in designing a discount campaign or a shipping support, but we promise to bring you the best WordPress site for your bakery with Cake Art WP Theme.

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You would wonder: Why should I choose Cake Art WP instead of many excellent themes out there? Let me tell you the reasons. More than one, I’m sure, will convince you successfully.

1. Nothing can suit a cake than Cake Art WP with its gorgeous appearance.

Just think about cake. What is the first word that comes to your mind? Sweet, right? Cake Art’s first impression is the sweet tone, which represents unconditional love and understanding – a perfect way to take a good impact on the visitors, make they believe that a bakery with a “delicious” site like this can never make the second-class products (and you actually do!). Moreover, if you look for something more elegant or royal? Don’t worry; the unlimited color schemes surely meet any of your demands. As colorful as your cakes, this theme will never disappoint you in browsing color.

What could be more wonderful if an online shop looks like a real one? Amazing parallax effect is added as a fancy “makeup” for your cakes as well to make them look more realistic and delicious. Cake Art will provide you best photos of your products with full prices, makes purchasers feel like they are standing right in front of a beautiful glass cabinet full of cakes in many kinds that they can’t take their eyes off.

Furthermore, responsive design helps your site will look great on any devices. Bet that no one wants his cakes looks crooked when in mobile gadgets or different-sized PC! Additional to this, impressive animation added to various icons and images brings your customers joy and excitements whenever they visit your page.

Cake Art WP_Gorgeous Appearance

2. You can have the another virtual-but-still-actual bakery with WooCommerce.

Shopping online with Cake Art could bring exciting experiences to you and even customers. You might hear tons of similar questions like “Excuse me, where are the gateaux?”, “Sorry, Miss, but where can I find a hamburger?”, “Which cabinet are the cupcakes in?”. They keep asking but still complaining later. But now, forget all these questions!

With WooCommerce integrated, ThimPress lets you be able to sort your products into different categories with various criteria: the best-seller cakes are ordered from lowest to highest price; how cute little macarons are rated by demographics, etc. Smart search helps the buyers look for what they exactly want. In this aspect, Cake Art not only provides products but also instructs customers about their needs because they sometimes don’t know what they want until you show them what they might need. It could be much easier and more convenient than real life with only one click to put them straight into the cart.

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Cake Art WP_WooCommerce

3. Cake Art WP Theme is easy to use.

Cake Art is designed to be friendly with the site owner as well. With different types of blocks, dragging and dropping are all you have to do to create the page that pleases you most thanks to Drag and Drop Page Builder. Like many other wonderful themes from ThimPress, Cake Art WP also contains one-page site option to present what you want, with more than 600 Google fonts, thousands of font-icons from Font-Awesome always available.

Especially, Cake Art just need you to spend about 30-minute to install it within only one click to load all the demo data to your site. Simply but effectively! Now you still work productively with Cake Art WP without knowing any line of code since every piece of code we write is all for optimizing your site’s performance speed. Together with Revolution Slider, which used to cost up to 18$ (now it’s all on us), you won’t be getting confused in how to improve the look of your site anymore. This plugin allows to customize more effects and animations.


4. Keep in touch with your customers can never be convenient like this!

Cake Art allows you to do more than running an online shop. You can post your stories about the process of making cakes, feedback from your lovely customers or any other related topics in your Blog part. These posts can be shared without any delay on many social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Your demographics are also curious about how to bake those tasty cakes like your shop does; hence, it would be better if you organize some courses or classes sharing your baking life stories or teaching them to make their own cakes. Cake Art will assist you on this with detailed information and even reminder; consequently, nobody can miss the schedule.

Blog in Cake Art WP Theme is one of the parts that forces the developer team to consume the greatest number of time; seeing that we know you want to spread to the world more than just cakes. You can post recipes, tips, your own experience in baking a cake or simply just a greeting to your beloved customers on holiday here thoroughly and effortlessly, which takes you and them closer via the magical Internet.

Cake Art WP_Blog


5. Cake Art is Google-friendly: SEO Optimizing.

You always want your site to be on top of any search engine, right? Cake Art developing team knows that, too and we always keep it in mind to help your content get high rankings. Google bot will read every line in your site and bring them all to the first places on search result page. Cake Art can introduce your bakery to the world as quick as possible. And more amazingly, you and your products could be at the summit after a night sleep. What a wonderful the scenario!


I will stop at reason number 5 to let you have more to explore in this promising WP theme. I might reveal that Cake Art WP has more surprises than what I have just mentioned above. For example the WP Editor with CodeMirror & FancyBox, Retina ready, powerful admin panel etc. On the other hand, Cake Art is built by all the latest website development technology (HTML5, CSS2, Bootstrap 3, etc.). It also works as a professional translator if your site is written in a Right-To-Left language.

Other features of Cake Art WP:

  • Photoshop files (PSD) included.
  • Beautiful introduction with lively effects.
  • Different post formats – Standard, Gallery, and Video.
  • Styles written by LESS CSS.
  • Live preview Customizer.
  • Easy and effective marketing with Contact Form 7 and MailChimp.
  • Self-hosted HTML5 video player.
  • And many other…


Now, it’s time to be artistic with your business!

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