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LearnPress PRO Bundle – LearnPress Premium Add-ons Bundle

LearnPress WordPress LMS Theme Bundle is a series of premium LearnPress add-ons that you can get for free if you purchase any of our LearnPress WordPress Themes. With this Theme Bundle, you will get both the unlimited power of LearnPress LMS with most of its premium add-ons and the beautiful out-of-the-box design to quickly build your online course website.



Price: $549.83 $249.99

Compatible up to: Latest version of WordPress
Updated on: Last week
Active Installs: 30,000

1 x Assignments Add-on for LearnPress

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1 x Student List add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Create a List of Students in the course.</li> <li>Inform people about the progress of each student in the course.</li> </ul>


1 x Coming Soon add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Enable Count Down for a new LearnPress course</li> <li>Give a brief description of the topics that the course is going to cover</li> <li>You can personalise the Coming Soon course setting by using images, videos and different fonts to make your announcement unique</li> </ul>


1 x Announcement add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Enable Announcement for LearnPress courses</li> <li>When you have new contents, new deals, offers, announcements, or news, updatings, you can use Announcement addon to make stick your news on the Announcement tab</li> <li>You can email to your subscribers and other students about your new announcements. Spread the words!</li> </ul>


1 x Authorize.Net add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Transaction can be done by account if other payment gateways are not available</li> </ul>


1 x 2Checkout add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Transaction can be done by 2Checkout account if other payment gateways are not available</li> </ul>


1 x Commission add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Manage commission percent for each courses</li> <li>Support withdrawal transaction via Paypal and Offline Payment</li> </ul>


1 x Paid Memberships Pro add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Manage subscription levels and their courses</li> <li>Allow to buy courses individually or only via subscriptions</li> </ul>


1 x Gradebook add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Track students progress and result in each course</li> <li>Allow to export the gradebook to CSV</li> </ul>


Sorting Choice Add On

1 x Sorting Choice add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Create sorting choice question type</li> <li>Students receive full credit if ALL the choices are in the correct order</li> </ul>


1 x Content Drip add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Set a specific of time when a lesson becomes available</li> </ul>



1 x myCRED add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Build point management system for different purposes</li> </ul>


1 x Co-instructors add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Allow multiple instructors to teach the same class</li> <li>Co-instructor can only edit his own lesson and cannot edit the class author content</li> </ul>


1 x Collections add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Group the related courses into one collection</li> </ul>


1 x WooCommerce add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Transaction can be done by WooCommerce account if other payment gateways are not available</li> </ul>


1 x Stripe add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Transaction can be done via Stripe account</li> </ul>


1 x Certificates add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Upload and design any certificates template</li> <li>Many information fields can be added and customized</li> </ul>


1 x Random Quiz add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Shuffle the questions in a quiz so students get different quiz from each other</li> <li>Student gets a different quiz for each of his retake</li> </ul>


1 x Frontend Editor add-on for LearnPress

<ul> <li>Create a page where all instructors can access and edit courses on frontend, without having to access WP Dashboard.</li> <li>You can create course, edit course, create lessons, edit lessons, configure course setting with this frontend editor add-on.</li> </ul>


A brand new learning Experience for your classroom with LearnPress PRO

What’s inside this bundle?

All Premium LearnPress Add-ons
Life-time access to the latest updates
6 months of support
Unlimited power to control your online course website

Complete control over your online course

Create course, lesson, quiz, set a pass-grade, create hints and explanations for quizzes, edit course pricing methods, add instructor, add students, etc. You can do all that and so much more with LearnPress PRO. Creating and managing online courses will never be an obstacle with LearnPress.

Unlock advanced LMS features with the lowest cost

Content Drip, Certificate, Gradebook, Co-Instructor, etc… are all the most advanced technologies in an online course and with LearnPress PRO, you can unlock all of that and make your online course site more powerful, more flexible and make it a wonderful place for your students.

Monetize your course with any payment method

Selling your course online has never been easier with LearnPress LMS. You can use WooCommerce to integrate your country’s currency, or use LearnPress natively built payment gateway for 2Checkout,, Stripe payment. We also support selling course membership with Paid Membership Pro so your students can pay a monthly fees for your course.

Only in PRO

Assignments Add-on for LearnPress

Assignment Add-on for LearnPress is a great way to assign tasks, essays for your students so they can do at home and submit. Instructors can check students’ work after that and grade the assignment. You can check more info about Assignments add-on here.

Only in PRO

Announcement Add-on for LearnPress

Announcement is a great way to promote your courses and update new features + contents to your courses, including email notification. Check more info about Announcement add-on here.

6-month Support and Frequent Update

To help you get started with the PRO Bundle, once you purchase the bundle, you will get an additional 6-month free technical bug-related support to make sure the LMS runs swiftly on your site without any bug. We also update our add-ons very frequently to make sure they are the most up-to-date.

Get started today

Now we have a great LMS. The second step is to choose a great WordPress LMS Theme for your website.

Check LearnPress WordPress Theme


What about support and updates?

For LearnPress PRO Bundle, all add-on updates will be provided via your ThimPress account. Support all extensions and themes in this bundle are valid for six-month after purchase. To get technical support, you can create a support topic for in the sub-forum of the theme you bought on our support forum here.  By renewing support, you will get continued help and updates.

Can I use the add-ons from this bundle with my theme?

Yes, absolutely. You bought this bundle, so you definitely can use it with your theme. The license allows you to use the Bundle for up to 03 websites.

How to download add-ons?

Once you purchased the bundle, Go to your Profile > Downloads. You will see a list of LearnPress premium add-ons with each version for you to choose.

How to use LearnPress LMS with my theme?

Using LearnPress WordPress LMS is very easy. Based on the theme that you purchased, LearnPress will be included in the theme and there will be documentations in the theme tutoring how to use it. For more tutorials, you can check our Youtube tutorial videos about LearnPress here .

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